Annual Assessment: We are considering a purchasing a home in Owl Creek and wondered what the homeowner’s assessment (HOA) fee is and what does it cover?

Answer: The annual HOA assessment is $1,350 which covers the fiscal year April 1st through March 31st. Owl Creek has 572 single family homes and every lot pays the same fee which covers numerous services & amenities.

Lodge Office Hours: When is the Lodge Office open?

Answer: The Lodge is open on Tuesdays through Fridays from 8am-5:30pm (closed for lunch from 1pm-2pm) and Saturday 9am-1pm. The office is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Lodge Rental: How do I reserve the Lodge for a private event? How much does it cost and for how long can I use it for my party?   Can I bring my own alcohol and hire my own caterer?

Answer: To reserve the Lodge, you must be an Owl Creek resident or have an Owl Creek resident sponsor who will be in attendance during the event. Please call The Lodge (502-244-2550) to check date availability and have a rental agreement emailed to you. Then, return completed and signed rental agreement along with deposit check and cleaning fee to Lodge to hold the date. You may use the facility for up to 6 hours. An employee (bartender) is included in the fee along with tables & chairs and white tablecloths.   Owl Creek has a liquor license; therefore, all alcohol must be purchased through the Association. You have the option to “host” the bar for your guests or have a “cash” bar where guests buy their own drinks. You may bring your own soft drinks & cups and choose the caterer of your choice.

Fitness Room Key: How do I get a key to the work-out room?

Answer: Stop by the Lodge during office hours to pick up a key. The cost of the non-duplicable key to the side door of the gym is $10 and a signed waiver form is required.

Notary Service: I need to have a legal document notarized. Can this be done at the Lodge office?

Answer:   Yes. Please contact Linda Jansing at the Lodge for an appointment as she is a notary and she can help you. There is no fee for this service.

Tree Removal: Do I need permission to remove a tree in my yard?

Answer: Yes, the Owl Creek Deed Restrictions require state that no tree shall be removed without the prior written approval of the Association.   Please submit your architectural request form and email or drop it off at the Lodge. Be sure to show a drawing of your home and where the trees are located and which one (s) will be removed. All lots in Owl Creek must have 2 trees in their front yard and 2 trees elsewhere on the property. If after removing a tree, you do not have the required 4 trees, a replacement tree must be planted.

Yard Waste: Does Waste Management send around a separate yard waste truck year-round? Or does that only happen during the growing season? In other words, if I generate yard waste in December, January, February does it get thrown into the truck with the regular trash or are they still sending a separate truck during those months?

Answer: Waste Management (WM) sends a separate truck all year round……and remember that effective Jan. 1, 2015, WM cannot pick up yard waste if it is in a plastic bag unless it is compostable plastic meeting ASTM D6400 standards. Acceptable containers include reusable bins labeled “yard waste” or paper yard waste bags.

Mailbox: We are missing the back flap on the lower mailbox, actually the newspaper slot. How can we get one or where do we get one?

Answer: Call 1-800-347-8372 for replacement parts for the mailbox/paper box unit. The Owl Creek unit is a “Step Two” Mailmaster Plus, Model 5412, Black.

Window Replacement Approval: We would like to replace our windows. I know there is an approval process, so we’re hoping to get that done as quickly as we can. Could you let me know the next steps with the Association?

Answer: The first step is to complete the Architectural Request Form and return to the Association Manager. You can drop it off at the Lodge or scan & email it to manager@owlcreekcommunity.com.   Your request will be logged in and then forwarded to Architectural Chairman for review and approval. Please allow about 2 weeks for processing. In your application, please include as much detail as possible in the description (color, type of windows, etc.) and it always helps to send pictures of the type of window you plan to install.

Pickleball: What is pickleball?

Answer: Pickleball can be thought of as small tennis or large ping pong.   It is played on a court 1/3 the size of a tennis court with a whiffle ball and wooden/graphite paddles.

For more information and game times at the gym, contact Larry Eul at 552-5173 or ocpickleball@gmail.com.