The History of Owl Creek Community

OrphanageBuildingCaptionWelcome to the Owl Creek Community, a neighborhood of 573 fine homes encompassing approximately 230 acres. NTS Corporation purchased the property in 1982 and began the development soon after.

  • In 1929, insurance broker, William Reiser, purchased 14 tracts of land between Dorsey Lane and Old Harrods Creek and deeded it to the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville for construction of an orphanage.
  • In 1937, the construction of the orphanage was delayed by the infamous 1937 Louisville flood.
  • In 1938, the first phase was completed and the St. Thomas Orphanage for boys was opened. The completed wing had classrooms, a nursery, reading and recreation rooms and a training center. The grounds included vegetable and flower gardens plus athletic fields.
  • In 1952, the final phase of the orphanage was completed and 81 girls moved in from the St. Vincent home on Payne street, enabling for the first time many brothers and sisters to be reunited. The orphanage was renamed the St. Thomas-St. Vincent Home.
  • Many of the children who lived in this home were true orphans and others were dependent children from large Catholic families suffering from financial and marital difficulties. By the year 1966, there were 250 children in the home. As time progressed, more children were taken in as a result of abuse and neglect as opposed to being orphans.
  • OrphanageGym1954In 1954 construction began on a $100,000 gymnasium for the Orphanage. Construction took five months and the gymnasium was connected to the main orphanage building by an enclosed passageway. The structure was made of concrete block with brick veneer and measured 62 x 113 feet with a 20-ft ceiling. This gymnasium still stands today in Owl Creek.
  • In 1982, the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville voted to close the facility and sell the property to NTS Development Corporation.
  • NTS began immediately to develop the property into a residential subdivision and removed all of the buildings except the gymnasium. NTS added on to the original gym and residents today enjoy this “Sports Center” which is valued at over $1 Million. The Sports Center includes a full basketball court, fitness center, restrooms, party room, snack bar and an office.
  • In 1986, the Owl Creek Community Association was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in Jefferson County.
  • In 1994, NTS turned over control of the Association to the homeowners.
  • Today, Owl Creek is fully developed with 573 single family homes. Recreational amenities in addition to the Sports Center include a Jr. Olympic Pool, Baby Pool, Tennis Courts, Playground, Soccer Field and Track. Another highlight of Owl Creek is the beautifully appointed Lodge facility where many social events and private rentals are hosted. When you enter Owl Creek, the first thing that you’ll notice is the attractive, mature trees and well-manicured landscaping that flows through the community.

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